Founded by Jessica Rodriguez, who is supported by her husband Tom Rodriguez. 

They do all things in life with their miracle son Jireh alongside them. 

Our mission is to deliver a clothing label that is made 𝒇𝒐𝒓 π’†π’—π’†π’“π’šπ’…π’‚π’š π’˜π’†π’‚π’“ with premium quality; sustainablly and ethically made. While simplistic in style, the message and work behind the name is big; we believe in the good of the human race, we believe in speaking life over people, and we believe in size inclusivity. We hope to be your one stop shop for everyday. It was our owners mission to develop a company where there were more inclusive sizes - as much of the fast fashion world we live in lacks just that: inclusivity. Not only that, but she has a dream to be able to dress both men and women in simplistic, yet high quality, clothing. Here at SOTE you will find men, women, or unisex clothing that ranges from size S-XXXL all made in small batches and every piece is slow fashion.


SOTE |sote| (n): acronym for the abbreviation of β€˜Salt of the Earth’ β€” which derives from Matthew 5:13 and SOTE also represents these two things: 1. a people who operate and serve in such a way to be a preservative of the human race and the earth by slowing down the moral and spiritual decay of the world around them. Do good, and be good. 2. A brand that speaks life over people and preserves them beyond their current circumstances; encouraging them to be well in their mind, body, and Spirit.


We believe in supporting small businesses, sustainability, and intentional design that’s inclusive. Our logo was designed by an individual graphic designer in NY, NY. Clothing labels are designed by our owner and printed by a small family owned company in London. Labels are sewn in by a small Hispanic first-generation family in Westminster, CA. Screen printing and embroidery are done locally by a family owned business in Orange County, CA. Our garments are  designed or altered in design by our owner, cut and sewn by a small-batch, family owned, manufacturer in Los Angeles, CA.